Germir Palas Hotel Logo

Architecture & Decoration

Marble columns, stained glass, wrought ironwork and many details at the facade of Germir Palace Hotel which was designed according to “Pera Silhouette” as a reflection of  decorated relationship of  Baroque and Ottoman  characteristics, contains ornamental marks. Leaving the ornamental reflections of the façade behind, you notice English and Egyptian (Dhor) styles which has a great influence on the Ottoman architecture once you enter the hotel. In particular at that period, the most distinct factor is the domination of the wood material. Specially designed wooden patterns, floral motifs, carvings and stained glass windows are all that greet you as a unique piece of art.

Another characteristics of the hotel is the nostalgic paintings reflecting the daily life of “Pera” which is a unique collection of Germir Palas by the famous artist Faruk Cimok. The nostalgic paintings provides a nostalgic journey to the guests to a different timeline and a place in the past.